DENVER (KDVR) — A day after a migrant encampment was swept from an area near downtown Denver, FOX31 learned another hotel migrant shelter is shutting down.

Some advocates trying to help the migrants are concerned that will leave more migrants without a place to stay. They are worried.

FOX31 confirmed Thursday that the Comfort Inn, located near East 58th Avenue and Interstate 25, will close Monday. The closing will take place as more migrants say that finding a place to stay continues to worsen.

Single people are allowed to stay in the shelters for 14 days. Families are allowed to stay for 37 days.

FOX31 found several outside the Comfort Inn who said they were not sure where they would go. That leaves the total number of Denver migrant shelters at four, down from six.

The city said the six shelters were needed when arrivals peaked, but now fewer migrants are arriving. The problem is that some migrant families are ending up on the streets of Denver.

Migrants fear living in tents after shelter release

FOX31 met Juan, his wife Arianna and their 2-year-old son outside another hotel, the Quality Inn at Zuni Street and Speer Boulevard, and they were worried about what to do next.

They said they will have to leave their room with nowhere to go. Arianna said she fears they will end up sleeping in a tent.

Tents lined up under trees with Denver skyline in the background
A homeless encampment of migrants in Denver was cleared on Nov. 1, 2023. (KDVR)

Along with the issue of limited stays, migrants say there are problems with unfair shelter rules.

Jhon Rosales and his wife say basic things like cereal, milk, juice and soda are not allowed in their rooms, leaving them and their two daughters hungry.

Several migrants have told FOX31 that room inspections take place as late as 10 p.m. when migrants have already gone to sleep. Homeless advocates say the treatment is inhumane.

Rosales now hopes to find work and more stable housing for his family.

Denver responds

A spokesperson for the city said migrants are given two meals a day. Children are given three meals a day. They are allowed some snacks in their rooms.

“Migrant guests are allowed to bring shelf-stable snacks into their rooms. The only thing we don’t allow is perishable food items in rooms, because the rooms don’t have mini fridges. It’s a health and safety concern, and also we have to prevent pest problems,” Denver Migrant Operation Center spokesman Jon Ewing said.

Ewing also said the city has the option to reopen a shelter hotel if the number of migrants arriving increases.