Denver shootout caught on camera in broad daylight

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DENVER (KDVR) — Denver Police say two people are in custody after shots were fired on a southwest Denver street — much of the gunfire captured on neighborhood surveillance cameras.

The scene played out on Oct. 6 near the intersection of South Wolff Street and West Harvard Avenue, in the Harvey Park South Area.

Richard Trujillo’s surveillance cameras picked up much of the broad daylight action.

“I looked down the street and I see cars racing down the street,” Trujillo said. “That’s when I realized they were gunshots!”

In the video, you see a line of cars and hear an eerie sound of ricocheting gunshots. Nobody was hurt.

“Wow, we just kinda survived a wild shooting,” Trujillo said.

Authorities say two 20-year-old men were taken into custody. Police have turned their findings over to the district attorney’s office.

“I think of what craziness we’re living in and the environment we’re living in where people think that kind of behavior is OK, and that just really disturbs me,” Trujillo said.

Editor’s note: This story initially reported the wrong intersection for the shooting.

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