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DENVER (KDVR) — A Denver restaurant owner has purchased and installed a state-of-the-art temperature monitor to check patrons coming into his restaurant.

The device is called the UNV Fever Detection Monitor and The Pig and The Sprout owner Andrew Ganick says it’s worth every penny of the $6,000 he paid for it.

“It just sets the customers’ mind at ease,” said Ganick.

Ganick says that when customers enter the restaurant, they go through a short protocol to ensure they are safe.

“When people walk in the door, first thing we do is capture their contact information. We have six HVAC units shuffling air through, cameras are monitoring to make sure everyone has their gloves on,” he said.

But it’s the UNV monitor that catches the customers’ eye and temperature.

“You look into the screen right here, you raise your right wrist, it says ‘Normal temperature, please proceed,'” said Ganick.

If it detects a fever, it notifies Ganick immediately.

“And if somebody wasn’t wearing their mask, it would tell them please put your mask on,” he said.

So, why not just have an employee with a temperature gun?

“Well, we didn’t find those too accurate. It’s also a little invasive to take the temperature-reading gun and put it up to somebody’s face,” said Ganick.