DENVER (KDVR) — FOX31 crews found people trying to get ready for the snow expected to fall beginning Tuesday.

So many people are still dealing with the snow left from the last storm.

With more snow on the way, Pete Del Rio was still trying to get rid of some that fell last month near his home in Ruby Hill.

What is melted has softened up,” Del Rio said as he used a tool to break up huge clumps of ice.

Snow, he said, hasn’t stuck around like this for years. In Ruby Hill, that’s a big problem for drivers who must navigate inclining and declining streets.

“If they can’t stop, they are going to hit each other,” Ruby Hill resident Gil Ortega said.

In the Cory-Merrill neighborhood, the same is happening.

“It’s not unusual to all of a sudden just crash and burn. If the city ever came around and plowed the side streets, I’d be all in favor of it,” Cory-Merrill neighborhood resident Jeff Eakin said.  

Cars are parked on what look like little icebergs.

“We have clients that have trouble getting in and out [of their cars] cause it’s wedged,” The Posh Salon Stylist Danielle Bird said.

The City of Denver Department of Transportation and Infrastructure said it plans to plow main and side streets with this next snow.

DOTI sent out a tweet showing plows being ready on Monday afternoon. Those plows will be ready to roll Tuesday when anywhere between 6 and 11 inches of snow is expected to fall.

The additional snow is expected to make bad areas like frozen sidewalks even worse.

FOX31 saw siblings Michael and Azayana Massey trying to walk on solid ice to stay out of the street near Ruby Hill.

“It felt like I was on a skating rink,” Azayana said.

“It’s scary too, so you don’t slip. I kind of felt like Michael Jackson for a minute,” Michael said. The brother and sister made it through the block without falling.

Back at Del Rio’s house, he’s hoping for more sun to get the job done.