DENVER (KDVR) – Dumpsters and trash cans around Denver have been left overflowing. It’s a problem that’s been hitting the metro since the frigid temperatures hit the Front Range last month.

The Problem Solvers spoke to resident Devin Hartin who claims his complex’s dumpster has not been emptied since Dec. 8 and, like his dumpster, he’s had it up to here.

“At this point, its more than an inconvenience and more of a serious issue and we don’t know what to do.” Hartin said. “We’re frustrated, calling the city and doing what we can do. It feels like we’re doing the trash company’s job.

Hartin said the residents of the seven units that use the dumpster have been calling both the property management and trash companies without luck.

This issue has been widespread across the metro. Dumpster after dumpster are filled to the brim and the Problem Solvers are getting some answers from other trash pickup companies like Waste Management.

It talked about the delays earlier in the week, but say things are now back on track. The company blames the issue on “the extreme weather over the past weeks [that] affected our ability to fully service our customers.”

Meanwhile, Hartin feels like he’s been getting the runaround from his trash company, GFL Environmental.

“Just at least an indication that they’re having trouble would be appropriate,” he said. “You’ll get that from a utility company when your internet is down or electricity is down, but we’ve haven’t heard anything from the trash company.”

The Problem Solvers reached out to GFL earlier this week and, after being put on a long hold, the receptionist said her manager would not take the call. She then directed us to the national office in North Carolina, but we could not get through.

Hartin had a very similar situation.

“I was calling the company, the third time I got through and they informed me that they were in North Carolina taking rollover calls from Denver.”

FOX31 tried to reach out to that office in North Carolina again, but the line said they do not take calls during the weekends.