Denver reactions to Notre Dame Cathedral fire

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DENVER — The images of the Notre Dame Cathedral burning spurred conversations around Denver on Monday.
Marisa and Joey Blake are visiting Denver from Las Vegas, they traveled to the Notre Dame just a few years ago. Watching the images from Jerri’s Tobacco Shop, reality slowly sinks in.
“My heart went out, like oh my God. It’s so sad, my heart goes for the sisters and the Parisian people.” Marisa said.
“It’s devastating for something, someplace that you’ve gone to go see that has so much history to it, you really do, you just feel for all the for Parisians that are over there,” Joey said.
Dillon Landfried is working today, but his thoughts are with his pregnant wife Jenny who is on a cruise right now, next stop was to be Notre Dame, ”She is devastated from this she was really looking forward to going in there, especially bringing an unborn baby in a very holy place, and now she can’t do that.“
Father Chris Uhl from Holy Ghost Church watched in disbelief, ”It really looks terrible from the very beginning. You could see smoke and flames pouring out of it. It looked like a really big fire right away.“
He served mass there a few years back and perhaps put it best, “It’s difficult to see that if it’s a total loss, it would be a loss for the world.” Father Uhl said now is the time for prayers.

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