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DENVER — A Denver based radio station says they made the decision to let a host go in the middle of a show because he said he was interested in appearing on other competing stations.

Former Denver chief deputy district attorney Craig Silverman was hosting “The Craig Silverman Show” on 710 KNUS on Saturday when he said he was let go after airing a segment about Roy Cohn, the late lawyer who represented Trump in the 1970’s.

Silverman also wrote a Facebook post in support of former Ukraine Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, who was testifying in impeachment hearings on Friday.

The station also said they warned him not to appear on another station they found out he made an appearance.

“He decided that it was important to work across town and so on Saturday on his program he announced that, and that’s what prompted our decision to take him off the air,” station general manager Brian Taylor said. “The notion that he was relieved from his program because he criticized President Trump is absolutely untrue. We’ve never told Mr. Silverman the position to take on his impeachment.”

“Our hosts have the freedom to express their opinions on current events based on their own personal convictions,” Taylor said.

Taylor also said Silverman’s claim that he was fired is false because he works as an independent contractor and “that agreement still remains in effect.”