DENVER (KDVR) — Denver Public Schools students returned to class on a day with record-breaking heat, putting thousands of children on campuses without air conditioning.

Denver Public Schools has identified 55 buildings that need air conditioning, and nearly half have gotten or are in line for upgrades. Money for cooling comes from a $795 million bond measure that voters passed in 2020 for building and maintaining schools.

While those funds aim to help cool campuses as Denver’s heat rises, some 31 schools are still on the back burner. Just 24 of the 55 schools in need have gotten or are in line for new cooling mechanisms.

Here’s which schools are getting upgrades and which ones aren’t, according to the latest progress report from the district as of Aug. 21.

Denver schools that got air conditioning

  • Ashley Elementary
  • Fairview Elementary
  • Force Elementary
  • Grant Beacon Middle
  • Hallett Academy
  • Manual High
  • Merrill Middle
  • Smedley (Denver Montessori Junior/Senior High and Denver Online High)
  • Smith Elementary
  • Valverde Elementary
  • West High

Denver schools with air conditioning in progress

Estimated completion is 2023 for these schools:

  • Columbine Elementary
  • Denison Montessori
  • Fallis (Denver Green School Southeast)
  • Knapp Elementary
  • Rishel (KIPP Denver Collegiate High)
  • Smiley (McAuliffe International)

Estimated completion is 2024 for these schools:

  • Ebert (Polaris Elementary)
  • Cowell Elementary
  • Mary G. Carson Elementary
  • Sabin World Elementary
  • Stedman Elementary
  • Steele Elementary
  • Thomas Jefferson High

Denver schools without air conditioning

The district said the following schools will be prioritized for future funding for air conditioning, ranked according to a district temperature study:

  1. Skinner
  2. Cory
  3. Asbury
  4. Remington
  5. Ellis
  6. Johnson
  7. Doull
  8. McMeen
  9. Bryant-Webster
  10. Traylor
  11. Brown
  12. Park Hill
  13. Steck
  14. Edison
  15. Knight
  16. Bradley
  17. Pioneer Charter
  18. North
  19. Gilpin
  20. Goldrick
  21. Gust
  22. Hamilton
  23. Crofton
  24. Godsman
  25. Montclair
  26. Teller
  27. U Park
  28. Whiteman
  29. Lincoln ES
  30. Slavens
  31. Barrett

For the district temperature study, Denver Public Schools ranked all 55 schools that need air conditioning. The ranking is based on a formula that includes an equity index.

The equity index is based on factors like levels of poverty, special education needs and English learners, and it’s combined with other factors like temperature and building use.