DENVER (KDVR) — A second version of the proposed safety plan for Denver Public Schools was released Friday.

School resource officers are included in the changes. Superintendent Dr. Alex Marrero is recommending that the school board makes a district-wide decision on how to implement SROs.

The new draft plan comes after weeks of public outreach.

“I want to thank everyone who has provided input up to this point,” Superintendent Dr. Alex Marrero said in a statement. “Our community differs on the approaches, processes and strategies, but it is clear that we all want to help ensure that we keep our kids safe. And a safe school is paramount to the success of our students.”

The district said it is committing to consistency and transparency with proper training and holding schools accountable to implement these plans.

Here’s how the district lays out the “key themes” that emerged from public feedback, as written in the plan’s executive summary:

Current state and future state

  • Version 2.0 articulates what is currently in place as well as what is planned and budgeted in the future state

SRO recommendation

  • There were differing opinions on the topic of SROs across the entire community. After further consideration, it is the recommendation of Superintendent Dr. Alex Marrero to the Board of Education for the Board of Education to make a district-wide decision regarding SROs that would apply to all comprehensive high schools and schools grades 6-12.

Weapons detection recommendation

  • Opinions on weapons detection were also quite mixed. We know that a weapons detection system is just one layer of the safety strategy and we are continuing to research the best, most effective options. The determination of a weapon detection system at a school or district building will be a site-based decision with extensive community engagement.

Discipline matrix

  • The Denver Public Schools student discipline strategy will continue to be rooted in and compliant with federal and state law, and wherever possible, this work is implemented consistently with the District’s core values, including Students First and Equity. In preparation for the 23-24 SY, representatives of DPS leadership will work with the Harvard PELP team to collaborate with other U.S. large urban school districts to build strategies for strengthening student discipline, discipline practices, and engagement.

Student Enrollment

  • Free and appropriate education is a fundamental right that ensures equal access to education without discrimination, regardless of an individual’s background, abilities, or circumstances.

Read the full draft plan here.

Safety in Denver Public Schools buildings has been in question, but it was brought into the spotlight after two deans were shot by a student at East High School.

Since then, board members have held meetings and requested feedback from the community.