DENVER (KDVR) — The executive director of elementary schools at Denver Public Schools was on the receiving end of angry parents Thursday night at Columbian Elementary. Their school could close and “unify” with Trevista at Horace Mann.

It was an emotional meeting with parents, who feel their children will be going to a school with what some claim has a lower standard for education.

Columbian Elementary has been in Denver since 1892. The staple in this north Denver neighborhood is one of 10 schools facing closure by the DPS Board of Education.

Parents air concerns at DPS meeting

“I’m just kind of wondering, what opportunities will be given to schools to rectify their declining enrollment prior to consolidation?” Adam Slutzker, a parent at Columbian, asked.

Parents had their chance to air frustrations with DPS officials, wondering: Why their school?

“It’s really frustrating to me that it’s either yes on 10 consolidations or no on 10 consolidations,” Slutzker said.

One protested the move, saying Trevista doesn’t require educators to have a certification, a claim the Problem Solvers looked into. As it turns out, that’s partially correct: Educators in non-core classes can teach without a certification.

“I have text messages from the principal being rude to me, and honestly, I don’t think it’s a good school,” Nicole Cook, a parent at Columbian, said.

Cook said her child previously attended Trevista.

“I agree with every single one of you. This isn’t even my neighborhood school, this is my school of choice,” Cook said.

Cook brought her son on over to Columbian Elementary.

“For me personally, Trevista was a terrible idea for my son, I had the worst experience ever there,” Cook said.

Trevista boosts state school ratings

Trevista’s website reports it went from the state’s lowest rating to its second-highest rating since the 2011-12 school year. Not everyone is convinced.

“Unfortunately, I’m never taking my son back to Trevista,” Cook said.

The DPS school board is expected to make its decision on closing and consolidating these 10 schools at its board meeting on Nov. 17.