DENVER (KDVR) – A group of women spent their weekend at the Denver Police Academy to have a hands-on experience to see if becoming a police officer could be part of their futures.

“I’ve wanted to be a Denver police officer for as long as I could,” AuJele Milliner, a recruit for the weekend, said.

The Women’s Community Academy had 23 women in total. Some like Milliner have expressed interest in joining the police force.

On Saturday, the academy hosted more classroom work but Sunday, everything was more hands-on.

“The national average for women in the police force is 12%,” Jeannette Dominguez, a Denver Police technician, said. “Here at DPD, we’re at 16%. We are better than the national average but we still have a ways to go and we are actively working on it every day.”

The women were able to try using a Taser along with PepperBall guns. They were also able to go through active simulators that present situations everyday police officers go through.

“We want the participants who come in to see the diversity of the Denver Police Department, especially the women,” Dominguez said.

This Women’s Academy was the last of its kind for this year. The department usually hosts two annually.

Milliner said she wants to be a police officer with DPD to help expand the diversity. She said she grew up in a family that didn’t interact with police and she wants to see that change.

Those interested in the program can find more information on the DPD website.

“I want to have little brown boys and girls who look like me and say well if she can do it then I can do it,” Milliner said.