Denver police warn of huge uptick in Kia thefts

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DENVER — The Denver Police Department has issued a warning due to a large uptick in the number of Kia thefts.

DPD says 135 Kias have been reported stolen so far in 2019. However, 1/3 of those reports (45) occurred in November alone.

Nineteen Kias were reported stolen in October.

Earlier in 2019, between seven and nine Kias were stolen each month.

Police believe thieves have found a way to defeat Kias’ locking systems.

DPD says hot spots for the thefts are Districts 1 (northwest), 3 (southeast) and 4 (southwest).

“With this increase, we want to remind Kia owners to take precautions to protect their vehicle from theft,” DPD said in a warning issued to residents via social media.

DPD offered the following tips to Kia owners:

  • Always lock your car, roll up the windows and take your keys.
  • Never leave belongings in your car. Anything is valuable to a criminal.
  • Never leave the car running unattended, even for a short period. Criminals are looking for unattended cars to use in committing other crimes.
  • Park in well-lit and busy areas, which makes it harder for bad guys to break in or steal your car.
  • Use an alarm system and/or steering wheel lock device, so your vehicle is less tempting to steal.

DPD says usually, the most stolen vehicles in the city are pickup trucks, Jeeps and older Hondas.

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