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DENVER (KDVR) — The Denver Police Protective Association is responding after a federal jury ruled the city was liable for $14 million after its officers were accused of injuring protesters during the 2020 George Floyd demonstrations.

The jury found Denver violated the First Amendment rights of the 12 protesters who filed suit. The jury also found Denver was liable for violating the Fourth Amendment rights of all but one plaintiff.

In a statement released after the verdict, Denver acknowledged that “some mistakes were made” and highlighted some changes made since the historic events.

The DPPA represents nearly 1,500 Denver police officers and provides union-type services like collective bargaining, labor relations assistance and legal representation.

On Friday, the president of the union, Nick Rogers, said he would not answer questions about the verdict, but he did provide a general statement about the police response to the protests and the riots that occurred in 2020.

In response to Friday’s $14M federal jury decision, the men and women of the Denver Police Protective Association would like to say we were there on the front lines. We witnessed the chaos, destruction, and abhorrent criminal behavior of this rampage. We were targeted and we also cannot forget over 70 of our officers were injured because of this violence. If men and women of the Denver Police Department had not held the line for those five days, there would not have been anything to return to. Business owners, and citizens alike, are grateful we held the line and did not have experiences as other cities throughout the country. The Denver Police Department acted with nothing less than honor, integrity, courage, bravery, and unwavering commitment to stand there and push back those who engaged in anarchy.