DENVER (KDVR) — The Denver Police Department said an officer opened fire on an armed man who pointed a gun and was somehow hurt in the course of the shooting and arrest.

It happened in the Green Valley Ranch neighborhood.

Division Chief Ron Thomas said officers were responding around 8 p.m. Wednesday to a call that someone at a home in the 3900 block of Malta Street was threatening with a weapon.

Officers arrived and confronted the suspect, a man, in the backyard of the home, and found him to be armed with a gun, Thomas said. He said officers commanded him to drop the gun but he did not listen, so they used a Taser against him.

“That deployment was ineffective,” Thomas said. The man went into the house, but officers could still see him in the home.

“At one point he threatened officers with a handgun. One officer did fire a number of rounds at the individual,” then the man disappeared, Thomas said.

Officers “again began to call the individual to come out” and he ultimately did come out of the front door, still armed, Thomas said. They convinced him to drop the gun and took him into custody.

Thomas said it does not appear that he was shot by the rounds fired at him, but he did suffer “minor injuries,” potentially from “shrapnel or glass fragments or something like that, but very, very insignificant injuries.”

It was unknown whether the man fired his weapon, Thomas said.

The man did not live at the home but had some connection to it, Thomas said. He said the man did not know the current occupants of the home.

Police said no officers were hurt.