DENVER (KDVR) — The Denver Police Department shared its account after police officers shot and killed a man in Globeville.

The shooting is one of three calls in the past week where officers shot at people involved. Police addressed all three during a news conference Wednesday, including the July 13 shooting near 49th Avenue and Washington Street.

Commander Matthew Clark said police were initially called to the area of Federal Boulevard between Seventh and Eighth avenues around 10:30 p.m. because residents reported people with weapons. When the officers arrived the suspects left in a silver Audi.

The police helicopter followed that vehicle to a parking lot in Globeville and alerted officers who responded on the ground.

When officers arrived and began pulling into the lot, a suspect began firing shots out of the front passenger window of the car, Clark said.

Clark said as these shots were fired, other people got out of the car and officers began to return fire.

The suspect who police say fired the shots got out of the car through the driver’s door and ran behind a dumpster. After hiding for a moment he stood up with a gun and was killed by police.

Gun found at scene, under investigation

A total of 31 shots were fired by two officers during this time, Clark said.

Police recovered a gun from the area where they shot and killed a man. They believe it was the gun used to fire at them, but an investigation is underway to determine that. An investigation into who owned the gun is also ongoing. Two other handguns were located near the vehicle.

Police said after the shooting they recovered cocaine, methamphetamine and fentanyl from inside the car the suspects were using.

During the news conference, Clark showed images from the ground of the shooting scene including body camera video, evidence photos of the gun believed to have been used by the suspect who was killed, and images from the police helicopter that was over the scene.

Several other people were taken into police custody after this, including the driver who is charged with eluding police.

Watch the full news conference on this and two other police shootings in the FOX31 NOW player above.