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DENVER (KDVR) — A person was detained Wednesday night after driving into a group of protesters outside the Colorado State Capitol in downtown Denver, police said. On Thursday, the Denver Police Department said the driver had been released and will not be cited, charged or arrested.

The incident occurred on Lincoln Street shortly after 9 p.m. Wednesday.

Video from SkyFOX shows protesters gathered directly in front of a silver SUV. The driver moves slightly forward, and then accelerates quickly through the protesters. Another SUV then tries to block the silver SUV before it turns left onto Colfax Avenue.

DPD officers then pulled the silver SUV driver over at Colfax and Broadway.

Police say no injuries have been reported.

“Having looked at the video, it appears as though they certainly inadvertently turned into an area where protestors were. They pulled over so they wouldn’t run anyone over, then got surrounded. It appears as though they were frightened and took the opportunity to escape when it was provided to them,” DPD Division Chief Ron Thomas said, adding, “In the event someone is blocking you or surrounding you, our advice is to stay in the car, lock your doors, do not engage demonstrators. If you truly feel threatened, call 911 if there is an avenue of escape that is provided to you… back away from that situation.”

People had gathered downtown to protest after no officers were charged with the death of Breonna Taylor in Louisville, Kentucky. One officer was indicted for wanton endangerment.

The driver is a male. His name and age were not released.

DPD said the investigation is ongoing.