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DENVER — The Denver Police Department is crediting two of its officers with saving the life of an infant who was suffering from apparent suffocation.

On July 31, police received a call regarding someone needing medical attention on the 1100 block of North Syracuse Street in the Montclair neighborhood.

The caller said an infant was not breathing.

Cpl. Mark Hart and officer Matthew Wolfe were heading to a nearby call and redirected to the home to cover for the ambulance.

When they arrived, the pair could hear residents crying inside the home.

Hart and Wolfe entered the home and found a crying mother who was holding a baby.

“The infant was not moving and had a foamy substance coming from her mouth. Corporal Hart took the infant from the mother and began first aid,” police said on their Facebook page.

Hart detected a heartbeat but no breath sounds from the baby.

“He administered a back blow and then swept the infant’s mouth, which resulted in him removing a large mass of congealed matter from the infant’s mouth and airway,” police wrote.

The infant then relaxed and began to cry.

Wolfe directed fire and EMS crews to the scene. They arrived shortly after to begin caring for the baby.

“Emergency medical technicians on scene commended the officers for their work — without their quick actions, it is probable that the child would not have survived,” police said.