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DENVER — Police in Denver are looking for a band of burglars who have been hitting marijuana dispensaries.

Investigators believe the same thieves have been breaking into dispensaries across the city and they’ve sent shop owners a special alert to be on the lookout.

The Denver Police Department releases a photo of the group pulling off a recent overnight break-in. They are well disguised and covered up, and are using a Jeep in the break-ins.

Police said the burglars like to steal vehicles, then hit marijuana shops after-hours. They pry open a door and grab whatever they can.

Many of the dispensaries that have been hit are along the major highways in the area, mainly interstates 70 and 25.

“They’ve been around the Denver area, not one specific area, but the whole metro area,” police spokesman Jay Casillas said. “That’s why this bulletin went out to each one of them. If they feel they need to update their security measures, we encourage them to do so.”

Police report at least 34 break-ins at dispensaries this year, about the same as last year.

Anyone with information is asked to call police.