DENVER, Colo. (KDVR) – The Denver Police Department has been hit with another lawsuit. A protester is suing saying she was seriously hurt and wrongfully targeted by police officers while leading a protest in the wake of George Floyd’s death.

This week marks two years since the murder of Floyd and two years since protests erupted at the Colorado Capitol and nationwide. The latest lawsuit was filed on Friday by Lindsay Minter and specifically names the city and county of Denver, Chief of Police Paul Pazen, Commander Patrick Phelan, and three unnamed officers.

Minter is a well-known local community activist and has been advocating for reform for years, while also seeking justice for Elijah McClain and others. But, on the afternoon of May 30th, 2020, Minter said she was targeted.

“It wasn’t okay,” Minter said. “They violated our rights. They caused us bodily harm, they caused me bodily harm. I’m not against law enforcement. I used to be law enforcement and so knowing the way that I was tasked and expected to do my job. When I got out there to the protest. When I saw the way that the Denver Police Department and others were reacting to others, I was enraged.”

Minter told FOX31 that she worked for the Department of Homeland Security for five years. According to the 76-page complaint, Minter was leading a peaceful protest in broad daylight near the Capitol. It consisted of speeches, chants, and reenactments, but once it ended Minter said she left to go home.

“I was walking to my car, and I became the victim of the same police brutality that I was out there trying to fight,” Minter explained.

She said as she was walking to her car, all of a sudden a DPD officer threw a Sting Ball Grenade at her while two other DPD officers shot projectiles near her. The impact led to Minter needing a surgical tooth extraction and bone graft after the incident.

Minter’s attorney, Mari Newman, said her first amendment right was violated. Minter was retaliated against for leading the protest, and excessive force was used. 

“This lawsuit seeks accountability and demands that the Denver Police Department change its behavior,” said Newman.

FOX31 reached out to DPD and they said as of Friday evening, they’ve not been served, which is likely due to the holiday weekend.

Minter said for her the lawsuit goes beyond monetary gains and she’s hoping for one thing.

“They’ll see us as humans, and they’ll see us as people.”