DENVER (KDVR) — The Denver Police Department encourages drivers to, what is being referred to as, “Cage the (Road) Rage” in an effort to reduce recent incidents.

Since the start of the year, DPD has received 110 reports of road rage or aggressive driving.

“We haven’t seen an increase in instances of road rage, but they are increasing in intensity and kind of aggression the behavior is escalating,” DPD’s Amanda Grodman said.

Between March 31 and April 14, five road rage incidents involving firearms were reported to Denver Police District One.

“One of the incidents a driver cut somebody off and then he yelled at him for cutting him off, and then the suspect pointed a gun at the victim and drove away,” Grodman said.

Grodman said brandishing a weapon like that is considered felony menacing and is punishable by up to three years in prison.

To curb road rage incidents, police offer the following tips:

  • Drive respectfully and calmly while following the rules of the road
  • Use turn signals and allow vehicles to merge
  • Acknowledge kind behaviors of other drivers with a wave or polite gesture
  • Refrain from responding to aggressive drivers with offensive gestures or other aggressive behaviors, and avoid eye contact
  • Travel to a safe place away from an aggressive driver, such as exiting the highway or driving to a police station
  • If the driver themself is experiencing anger, try to remain calm and if needed, pull over until the anger subsides
  • Call 911 to report dangerous and/or illegal behaviors

”Just try not to engage, that’s probably our biggest tip is don’t respond to aggressive drivers,” Grodman said.