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DENVER (KDVR) — Denver police announced a new crackdown on street racers. They said they have already handed out 236 citations.

Illegal street racing has become a growing problem over the past couple of years across the country. The Denver Police Department wants the public to know it will not be tolerated here.

“The high speeds, moving in and out of traffic, what they consider vying for position, moving ahead of other vehicles, cutting other vehicles off. This is a danger to our motoring public and also to our safety of all of our citizens chyron,” DPD spokesperson Officer Kurt Barnes said.

DPD said it has dedicated resources to proactively disrupt street racing events and hold drivers accountable.

“Anytime you have a vehicle traveling that fast, you increase the potential for both damage and also loss of life because of these people’s actions. That’s what we really want to get across to the public,” Barnes said.

It is a challenge for law enforcement. The street racers move from location to location and crisscross the metro area. That is why police departments across the metro area are working together to crack down.

They said complaints from citizens are up and they are encouraging people to file complaints at or call 911 if it is an emergency.

Denver police tweeted: “Drag racing is extremely dangerous and has very serious consequences. Those who engage in such illegal activities risk losing up to 12 points on their driver’s license, fines up to $999 and the impounding of their vehicle under Denver’s nuisance abatement law.”