DENVER (KDVR) — There were some harrowing moments Sunday for families in a west Denver neighborhood where police say they captured a homicide suspect.

The police chase ended in the front yard of a homeowner, who rushed outside and was told to take cover. Dramatic video captured by a homeowner showed the driver being arrested shortly after crashing a car.

This happened Sunday night in the 1300 block of Perry Street, not far from West Colfax Avenue.

That car landed in Autumn Cook’s front yard.

“I came downstairs and started to open the front door to see if I could assist with what was going on, and lots (of) loud voices yelled back at me, ‘Shut the door, close the door! Don’t come out!’ I crouched down low because I was expecting gunfire,” Cook said.

Police surrounded the vehicle with guns drawn.

FOX31 was told the driver was wanted in connection with a homicide that happened earlier in the day, about a mile away on West Colfax in Lakewood. Neighbors came out of their houses to see the smoking vehicle and police running toward the car.

“So at that point, I just went back to my back room in case something happened. I didn’t want any stray bullets to hit me or if something went down,” neighbor Michael Holbrook said.

A police chase ended with a crash in the front yard of a Denver home near 13th and Perry, where neighbors say traffic safety is a problem. (Credit: Autumn Cook)

Denver traffic safety a problem, neighbors say

The crash and arrest, neighbors say, highlights a big problem here. Speeding cars and hit-and-run crashes happen way too often on a street they say sometimes seems more like a drag strip.

“I was in the backyard locking up everything, and the next thing you know I heard, like, something racing. And the next thing you know I hear a — boom! I see the car, and I saw when he spun around,” Tina Trujillo said.

People who live here say that in the stretch where the crash happened, there are no speed bumps, and emergency vehicles use the street often.

Albert Trujillo told FOX31 he’s been in the neighborhood for decades. The problems, he said, seem to be getting worse.

“It’s pretty bad. Once a week, maybe two times a week, two or three cars get hit,” Albert Trujillo said.

Back at Cook’s home, where the car crashed after the police chase, she said her own vehicles have been hit three different times.

“I think either a speed bump (is needed) on 12th and Perry, (where) there is very, very busy street. That would alleviate how fast people could go in between 12th and 13th,” Cook said.

Denver’s problem streets in focus for neighbors

Cook and many of her neighbors say it’s just a matter of time before something even worse happens. Cook said she and her family may have to move if things don’t get better.

FOX31 has asked Denver’s Department of Transportation and Infrastructure what can be done to slow cars down. The department’s response will be posted here once it’s received.

The Lakewood Police Department is not releasing any more information about the suspect, who was arrested with the help of the Denver Police Department on Sunday night.