DENVER (KDVR) — The Problems Solvers took a look at how the City of Denver did on plowing neighborhood streets as a snowstorm tapers off early Wednesday evening.

There was a lot of concern after streets were left unplowed following a big snowstorm last month.

FOX31’s Vicente Arenas drove many miles Wednesday morning after checking out different neighborhoods and it was clear many of them had been plowed.

Some people said they saw plows passing through starting Tuesday night.

Paul Widler, who lives near Curtis Park, saw a small plow in his neighborhood early when the snow started to fall.

“I saw it last night before the snow was starting. They are pretty good down here because of the hospitals,” Widler said.

Denver’s Department of Transportation and Infrastructure pledged its plows would be out in full force during the snowstorm.

A spokesperson for DOTI said its crews would work 24 hours a day and said neighborhoods would and should get a least one pass from a plow.

A resident who owns a landscaping company went to work in the snow and told the Problem Solvers it was not all smooth sailing even with all the plowing.

The city admitted to not sending out plows at the end of December when they were needed during another snowstorm. A spokesperson said a change in the forecast was the reason plows were not deployed in full force. Much more heavy wet snow fell than expected.

This time, the plow patrol was much better in many areas like in Elyria Swansea. Alejandra was shoveling several inches of snow in the area and said there had not been any problems with all the snow in front of her home.

Other parts of the city did not see major problems, according to Arenas.

The Problem Solvers asked the viewers during live broadcasts to report unplowed streets. One viewer sent in a photo of what appeared to be an unplowed street.

We are told plows started making rounds at 6 p.m. Tuesday just as the snow started. Another shift of drivers took over at 3: 00 a.m. Wednesday. They are expected to continue working until city street conditions have improved.

“The City’s response will continue round the clock into tomorrow (Thursday),” DOTI said in a news release.

Because so many plow drivers are needed, workers from different departments are pitching in to cover all the shifts.