DENVER (KDVR) — The City of Denver updated the number of migrants from Venezuela and other parts of South and Central America that made their way to Denver earlier this week, and organizations working with the city are reacting.

American Friends Services Committee said its been working with a higher number of migrants since September and this could be just the beginning as a law that allowed authorities to swiftly expel migrants at the border, based on COVID-related public health restrictions, is set to end in a week and a half.

AFSC said it encouraged the city to prepare for this influx prior to this week.

“We imagined that when something shifted at the border, we would see an increase of around this number,” Jennifer Piper with AFSC said.

That shift, Piper says, is due to Title 42’s expected end on Dec. 21.

“The administration’s choice to not allow people to present for asylum that’s driving some of the disorder that we’re seeing,” Piper said. “With Title 42 there’s not that opportunity for people to really touch base with border patrol and be released so it creates that sort of individual effort to try and get places that isn’t quite as coordinated. ”

Border officials are expecting record amounts this month alone. The organization said strongly that this wasn’t an organized influx or political move.

“I am confident the folks that are coming here are not being coordinated by a governor or a large organization. No one is chartering a bus. Our nonprofit partners are holding off right now at the border from coordinating with us to send us folks because they realize this is new for the city of Denver,“ Piper said.

The City of Denver in the latest updated press release said it’s looking for donations for the migrants.

The city is in high demand for any new clothing for adults in small, medium and large with a special need for medium in both men’s and women’s. There is also a special need for winter weather clothing. 

  • New men’s underwear 
  • New women’s underwear 
  • New women’s sports bras 
  • Long-sleeve shirts (men, women and unisex) 
  • Jeans (men and women with a higher need for medium size) 
  • New socks (men and women) 
  • New sweatshirts and sweatpants
  • Closed-toe gym shoes (men, women, boys, girls, infants) 
  • Shoelaces 
  • Winter coats and pullovers (men, women, children, infants) 

Additionally, an established drop-off location for physical donations has been set up at Iglesia Ciudad de Dios located at 5255 W. Warren Ave. They will accept donations on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 4 p.m. – 7 p.m.