DENVER (KDVR) — Denver is the No. 5 friendliest city for renters with pets, according to real estate listing website Zillow.

This might not come as a surprise to many renters already nestled in with their furry friends, but 76.5% of rental listings in Denver allow pets.

The website looked at the 100 cities with the most rental listings and ranked them based on how many available rentals allowed pets.

According to Zillow, 55% of all the rental listings on the website said they allow pets.

Sadly, Denver does not look to be as pet-friendly as the No. 1 city — Austin, Texas — where over 80% of rentals allowed pets. In fact, Texas cities secured the top 3 spots on the list.

The top 5 friendliest cities for renters with pets, according to Zillow:

  1. Austin, Texas – 80.6%
  2. Dallas, Texas – 78%
  3. Fort Worth, Texas – 77.2%
  4. Charlotte, North Carolina – 76.6%
  5. Denver, Colorado – 76.5%

While no other Colorado cities made the Zillow list, the state does have the No. 1 most devoted dog owners, according to Forbes.

Additionally, a bill introduced in the Colorado legislature this year could help Denver pet owners even more when they’re looking for a place to rent.

The bill would ban pet rent and deposits for pet owners.

It would also stop homeowner insurance providers from changing your policy premiums based on the dog breed you have.