LONE TREE, Colo. (KDVR) — About the worst thing that can happen to a dog owner is losing their beloved pet. That is what happened to a Lone Tree woman who lost her dog when it pulled away from its leash.

She is hopeful, however, as she received a little help from the National Basketball Association. 

Her name is Aahja. She is a miniature poodle, only 8 months old, and she is lost. She pulled loose from her leash while on a walk Saturday night near Peoria Street and Lincoln Avenue in Lone Tree.

“She is not used to that busy highway. So, I think she got startled and then she bolted. It was dark,” Marshay Hyland, Aahja’s owner, said. “She might weigh 10 pounds at the most, maybe 11. She is small.”

Hyland wants to get the word out, and she is even getting a little help from the NBA thanks to her son, Bones, who happens to play for the Denver Nuggets.

“Please help me out my Colorado family!! This would mean the world to me…My Dog is Missing, If you seen or have her let me know asap thank you,” Bones posted on Twitter.

With the help of her son’s celebrity on social media, Marshay hopes somebody somewhere will know something to bring Aahja home.

“I don’t know what direction she would’ve ran. It is so bright out here, so, it is just hard,” she said.

A substantial reward is being offered by Bones, and maybe even an autographed basketball.