DENVER (KDVR) – A nonprofit group called “C.H.E.F,” Culinarians Helping Entrepreneurial Folks, was the target of thieves on Christmas Eve.

The theft left them without the means to run their truck on a day when they planned to make a Christmas Eve brunch.

“We’re a culinary training program and our focus is around recovery,” Jeff Koch, with C.H.E.F., said.

“We just got this trailer about eight or nine weeks ago,” Koch said.

The food truck was the product of a grant for the nonprofit and was the centerpiece of the work C.H.E.F. has been doing.

“We have two students and we’ve been training for the last six weeks with them,” Koch said.

The progress made by these students was dealt a setback Saturday morning.

“Someone, today, decided to come in and break into it,” Koch said.

A power supply cable worth a few hundred dollars was stolen from the food truck.

“Without that, we couldn’t run it for our Christmas Eve brunch that we were hosting,” Koch said.

The food truck was locked and secured, Koch said, but the pride of this business was still hit at the most inconvenient time.

C.H.E.F.’s message for those who stole the cable:

“Bring it back,” Koch said. “We’re about forgiveness, we’re about a second chance, that’s what we’re about.”

Their work won’t be deterred, the group said they’re going to work with their partners at Table Public House to keep cooking while they replace the stolen cable.