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DENVER — The geese taken from Denver city parks are now being served at a local non-profit. When the city first announced the plan, Denver Parks and Recreation said that instead of throwing the meat out, they would serve it to needy families.

Metro Caring is one non-profit that received the goose meat. On Friday, the non-profit’s chef, Rob Russell, made a sampling of goose meals.

“Very, very rich source of protein,” Russell said.

Russell compared the dark meat turkey or beef.

“I’m making a base for chili and for cottage pie,” Russell said. “Ground goose, chopped onions, olive oil.”

The shoppers at the food bank then tasted the food. There were multiple options, including a breakfast casserole and South African dish called ‘bobotie,’ kind of like an egg custard.

“It’s going to be a lot harder to come up with a recipe if you’ve never done it before, never worked with it. So I think it’s super helpful that we do have that option,” one volunteer said.

The goal is to show people how the new meat option can be prepared. Those who tried the meat liked it.

The product is approved by the USDA. The federal agency oversaw the processing of the geese and then the packaging. It arrived to Metro Caring frozen, wrapped, and ready to cook.