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DENVER — A Denver native is taking on some of the world’s most adventurous challenges to raise money for charity.

“I was born and raised in Denver, despite whatever my accent has become over the past number of years,” Josh Stinton said. “I take on the most ridiculously hard physical challenges around the world and things I have no idea how to do, and I do that one at a time to raise awareness for a new small charity.”

Stinton now lives in Norway, but completes his challenges all over the world. He pushes himself to do the most ridiculous physical adventure he can find.

His last challenge was riding the distance of Japan only using his arms.

“I did about 1,700 miles and set a world record in that to raise awareness for a small charity helping children overcoming natural disasters in Japan,” Stinton said.

Stinton makes no money from any of his adventures and any donations people make go directly to charity. He supports multiple causes, but children’s charities are near and dear to his heart.

“This actually comes from my upbringing. Family was really big on charity ever since I was a little kid and I learned from an early age, that if you have the opportunity to help someone, it’s no longer an opportunity but it becomes a responsibility,” he said.

The next thing on Stinton’s bucket list is riding the length of the Atlantic Ocean on a bicycle. He plans to do that in November.

“If you can help one other person and maybe inspire them to help one other person, we can all just do great things. And that’s my work,” Stinton said.

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