DENVER (KDVR)– The independent Denver music venue, HQ, reopened its doors after a burst pipe forced them to shut down on Aug. 15.

“The grand reopening was such a positive vibe so many people came by just to say high five and we’re so glad you’re back, and just hang out and celebrate us being back open,” said co-owner Scott Happel. “It was a super, super positive experience.”

When the pipe burst, it caused one of the walls in the basement to buckle and quickly fill the venue with water. The 3,200-square-foot basement was eventually submerged in muddy water, which nearly made it to the first floor.

“We lost almost $100,000 worth of physical stuff out of the basement and then we were closed for three months, and we haven’t even really started the intense repairs that we’ll pay for,” Happel said.

Despite the setback, Happel said they are grateful for the community, which helped them raise more than $24,000 since they closed.

“We’re not going anywhere, we love this place, we love the business we built,” Happel said. “Not that there was any doubt, but the love and support and high-fives we got on Friday just made it seem worth it.”

Between clean up, repairs and the loss of revenue from being closed, Happel estimates it will cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars, none of which insurance will cover.

“Replacing everything we lost and getting the basement into a place it can be a venue again will all be our expense,” he said.

The basement is structurally secure, but it still needs electrical, drywall and lighting before it can be used. The owners don’t have a firm reopening date for the basement, but say it could happen in February or March.