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DENVER (KDVR) — There were some emotional moments outside East High School Thursday when students gathered after a fellow classmate died after being shot near the school.

They planned a walkout Friday to demand change, hoping for a safer environment.

Other students around the city have also been impacted by the latest death of a teen on the streets of Denver. One group of kids is much younger, they attend DSST Elevate Northeast Middle School.

“It’s hard to see people go through that,” student Sincere Williams said.

These students belong to the Struggle of Love Mentor Leadership Academy. They said something has to be done to stop the violence.

The group is now planning an event to bring the community together and talk about the problem.

“We know we can’t fully stop it, but we would like to try,” student Jasah Banks said.

“One of the main messages that we have to get across is that guns are not the way to handle situations,” Williams said.

Each of these students knows someone who has either been killed or shot someone.

“I would say that guns are not always the answer to any problem. Just because you have a conflict with someone doesn’t give you a reason to kill them,” student Dae Denzmore said.

The students are now planning an event called “Have Fun No Guns.”

“I think it’s important for them to be out front, for us to listen to them and what’s going on with them, because I don’t think we do that nearly enough,” Struggle of Love Mentor Leadership Academy Facilitator Jason McBride said.

“It’s important for them to feel heard about what they are going through,” Struggle of Love mental health therapist Claudia Kouakou said.

These kids have big hearts hoping for a better tomorrow.

“We want them to know that we are trying to keep them and their kids safe, and make sure that everyone grows up in a safe environment,” student Makhi Hardiman said.

The struggle here is real and full of love.

The Struggle of Love students said they will have their event on April 28.

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