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DENVER — As Denver teachers begin their first strike in 25 years on Monday, at least one school in Denver is asking students to leave cell phones, backpacks and other valuables at home during the strike, according to an email sent to parents.

Denver Discovery School sent the email to parents over the weekend telling students to leave backpacks, binders and anything else of value at home because students will not have access to their lockers during the strike.

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The email also said that they would be collecting cell phones and returning them at the end of the day.

The letter generated concern from parents, but the school responded by saying the request is because they may have fewer teachers than normal.

The school, which is located at 3480 Syracuse St., issued a statement on Monday morning saying that because some floors will be blocked off, students won’t be able to keep the cell phones in their lockers like they are normally required to do.

“Denver Discovery School Principal Pam Kirk explained that the school policy is that students place their cellphones in their lockers. Because of the possibility of having fewer teachers than normal, the principal is looking into how best to serve all of the students. That may include having classes on the first floor of the school only. If that happens, then students who have lockers on the second floor will not be able to follow this school policy.

The principal made this decision to a avoid confusion related to which students have cellphones in their lockers and which students have cellphones in their backpacks.”