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DENVER — Denver mayoral candidate Jamie Giellis is facing criticism for not know what the NAACP stands for in a recent interview in Denver.

Giellis appeared on the Brother Jeff Facebook Live program on Tuesday — hours after receiving the endorsement of two former mayoral candidates. 

The Brother Jeff Show often focuses on African-American issues in Colorado.

Giellis was asked what the NAACP means by someone off camera. She replied by saying “National African-American” before realizing she was wrong.

The acronym stands for “National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.”

Incumbent Mayor Michael Hancock, who is seeking a third term, quickly pounced on social media:

On Wednesday, Giellis sent the following statement:

“Yesterday as a guest on the Brother Jeff show with guest host Shay J, I was asked if I knew what the NAACP was, to which I replied with my acknowledgment of its mission and work. Then, when asked what the acronym stood for, I momentarily struggled to recall. Moments after the show, while collecting my thoughts, it came to me – the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. I told the hosts what it stood for and apologized for my momentary lapse.

This campaign has expanded my knowledge of other cultures, their wants, struggles and successes. I am learning more every day. I am familiar with the NAACP, in fact they co-hosted a mayoral forum along with the Colorado Black Women for Political Action (CBWPA) and The Urban League Young Professionals at New Hope Baptist church earlier in the campaign. This weekend, I will participate in the Colorado Black Round Table Candidate Forum. As Mayor I look forward to working with this historic organization. In fact, I intend to take out a membership.”