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DENVER — Losing a wedding ring or any ring can be heartbreaking, but a Denver man is part of a website to help recover those lost items.

Jeff Lubbert has been a ring finder in Denver for eight years and has recovered more than 200 items from wedding rings to dog tags.

He has found the items in all sorts of places from the bottom of a lake all the way to 13,000 feet on Mount Bierstadt.

Although he has accepted rewards in the past, Lubbert said he does his job because he wants the ring to be returned to its rightful owner.

Lubbert is part, which is a worldwide network of more than 200 finders and nearly $7 million worth of jewelry have been recovered. It also helps with lost cellphones and keys.

There’s about a 50 percent success rate when it comes to finding the rings, according to Lubbert. He said that if you know where you lost it, such as a park, the success rate goes up.

However, the longer it’s been since a ring was lost, the success rate goes down.