Denver mail carriers call Westwood area ‘Dogwood’ due to number of dog attacks

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DENVER — The city of Denver is now among the nation’s worst when it comes to dog attacks on mail carriers, according to the U.S. Postal Service. One neighborhood is especially dangerous. Nearly every staff member at the USPS Westwood Station has been in contact with a dangerous animals.

There have been so many negative encounters with pets in Westwood that USPS staff refer to the neighborhood as “Dogwood.”

“The dogs — that’s the worst part about the job,” mail carrier Catherine Herrera said.

Along Hererra’s route, she’s greeted by barking dogs each day. She has been attacked twice.

Another carrier, Marvin Kronberg, said he has been attacked about a dozen times.

The carriers have pepper spray and horns, but they are sometimes ineffective.

“I tried going for the pepper spray, but that dog was like way too fast and got my hand,” said carrier John Mora about an encounter with a dog.

One man was even taken to the ER after a dog bit off a piece of his finger.

“They can see us as a threat,” Mora said.

“What does everybody say? ‘My dog doesn’t bite,'” Postmaster Denver Lora McLucas said. “The solution would be for the customers to take the animals, put them in a separate room, close the door and then open the door for the mailman so the dog doesn’t run out.”

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