DENVER (KDVR) — LGBTQ bar and club owners told FOX31 all they’re doing is operating a business, but new hazards like a mass shooting don’t make it easy.

“This is our safe space,” Randy Minten, owner of Denver Sweet said.

For members of the LGBTQ communities, a seat at the bar with the game on TV isn’t just kicking back, it’s being among friends and allies.

“Before you guys got here, we were talking about exits,” Kevin Hooper, owner of 3 Kilts Tavern said.

Another mass shooting at an LGBTQ club, this time in Colorado Springs, brings that safe space back to reality.

It’s the reality of knowing where to escape if a night out gets violent.

“Every time it happens it puts us more on the alert,” Minten said.

Hopper owns the 3 Kilts Tavern with his husband and business partner. While they don’t identify as a “gay bar” they still have every reason to stay on alert.

“They’ve thrown threats around just because we are gay-owned and operated,” Hooper said.

Minten, part-owner at Denver Sweet can relate to the terrifying thought of an attack.

“We have to be looking over our shoulder and we have to increase our security,” Minten said.

After another shooting, they said it was time to start planning for the worst.

“We have notified all of our staff to be very diligent of what’s going on around us and if you see something, say something,” Minten said.

The same goes for 3 Kilts Tavern as the owners are worried about safety.

“So it makes us really think hard about the way we need to protect our patrons,” Hooper said.

After another mass shooting, there’s grief and sadness, but these proprietors also have a bottom line: their business.

“I think it will affect it,” Minten said. “I think people will probably have a second guess about whether they’ll come out or not to an open space like this.”