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DENVER (KDVR) — Moments after the verdict was read in the trial of Derek Chauvin, Rev. Jennifer Leath of Denver was fighting back tears.

“I’m speechless. My soul says thank you. Thank you for what should not have had to be a question. There’s no question about the murder of George Floyd,” said Leath, who is pastor of the Campbell Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church.

Leath has been a voice in Colorado ever since riots and protests erupted here after the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis nearly a year ago.

Former Minneapolis officer Derek Chauvin was found guilty on all counts in the murder of Floyd on Tuesday.

Bishop Jerry Demmer said he was overjoyed at the verdicts. Demmer said the community needed to hear Chauvin was guilty on all the charges.

“So far for the Black community, justice has stood for just us. But what we’ve seen today was the reverse of that justice. And we’ve now seen real justice, ” said Demmer, who leads the Greater Metro Denver Ministerial Alliance.

After what the country has been through, the president of Denver’s NAACP chapter says the community can finally breathe now that justice has been served.

“This is just an awakening of what has been happening. Had it not been viewed on a camera, we would still be in the same place, ” said Denver NAACP Chapter President Sondra Young.

NAACP will be hosting a meeting on Thursday to talk about how Denver can move forward and heal.