DENVER (KDVR) — The city continues its efforts to reduce waste after it passed an ordinance requiring takeout and delivery customers to opt-in for single-use items rather than automatically providing them in May last year.

The #SkiptheStuff option is already in place for many restaurants via third-party delivery services. Before placing an order, there is an option asking to check a box if utensils are needed. But the city began enforcing the ordinance this year.

“This is a simple and effective way to reduce our collective waste,” Grace Rink, Denver’s chief climate officer said. “Businesses can save money on single-use items by only providing what is requested, and customers will no longer need to landfill items when they use their own silverware, spices or condiments at home.”  

Many restaurant owners are happy about the change because they say it would help the environment and save them money.

Single-use items include utensils, condiments, spices and paper napkins, and any other pre-packaged addition to a meal.

Denver passed an ordinance charging shoppers a 10-cent fee for single-use bags that has been in effect since July 2021. State legislation also passed a ban on plastic bags effective in 2023 and a ban on Styrofoam containers in 2024.