DENVER (KDVR) — Denver Police are still searching for the person who left the scene after hitting a bicyclist two weeks ago, and his family wants answers.

Sam Fairbanks is fighting for his life after being hit while riding his bike home on Feb. 11. It happened at Glenarm Place and Park Avenue West. The driver never stopped.

“To see a man that has been such a strength throughout your entire life in a vulnerable position is really tough to see,” Marcos Chaves, Fairbank’s son, said.

After crash, family notification delayed

Chaves said the crash happened on a Saturday night, and his family did not even find out he was in the ICU until Monday because there was an old number attached to his emergency contact.

He’s been in the hospital ever since, suffering from broken vertebrae, caved-in ribs and the worst of them, his head injury.

“They had to remove part of his skull to remove the pressure on his brain, and it was until last night that they were finally able to stop draining fluid from his brain,” Chaves said.

Now, all this family wants is for the person responsible to be found.

“They left my father on the road, on the street to die,” Chaves said “All I can really think about is his fear, he must have been terrified. And all I can say to whoever did this is it’s only gonna get worse. Dragging this out is only going to make things worse in the end.”

The suspect drove a red or orange Chevrolet Trax and it’s expected to have front-end damages. Anyone with information is urged to contact Metro Denver Crime Stoppers.