DENVER (KDVR) — Someday, Denver travelers and cargo could ride on nonstop flights to Africa.

Denver International Airport announced a new committee that will support efforts to make those flights possible. The Africa Air Service Committee’s formation stems from the airport’s plan to reach 100 million annual passengers, including by expanding its global reach.

“As African economies grow and mature, we want Denver to be positioned as a favored point of access for the flow of passengers and cargo,” airport CEO Phil Washington said in a news release. “Securing new long-haul routes can take many years, and the members of the Africa Air Service Committee will be invaluable in helping us to achieve this goal.”

The group will work to find the best opportunities for flights between Denver and Africa, finding which airlines and markets are primed for the connection.

Federal figures show Colorado sent about $51 million in exports to Sub-Saharan Africa in 2018. In Denver, 9% of the city’s immigrant population is from the continent of more than 50 countries.

As of now, the Denver airport only offers international passenger service to multiple places in Europe, Mexico, Canada, Central America and the Caribbean, and for its sole Asian destination, Tokyo.

Africa Air Service Committee for Denver flights

Here are the listed members of the Africa Air Service Committee:

  • Geta Asfaw, Asfaw Family Foundation International
  • Albus Brooks, Milender White
  • Denise Burgess, Burgess Services
  • Matthew Burkett, The Flyfisher Group
  • Papa Dia, African Leadership Group
  • Andrew Feinstein, EXDO Group Companies
  • Lee Gash-Maxey, Colorado Black Chamber of Commerce
  • Yemane Gebre-Michael, CSG
  • Stacie Gilmore, Denver City Council
  • Don Gips, Skoll Foundation
  • Mowa Haile, Sky Blue Builders
  • Muluye Hailemariam, Kabod Coffee
  • Christopher Herndon, Denver City Council
  • Marc Holtzman, Bank of Kigali (BK Group)
  • Hon. Elbra Wedgeworth, Casel and Associates LLC.
  • Richard Williams, Western Union

The committee held its first meeting on Feb. 23 and is scheduled to meet every quarter.