Denver firefighter demoted for trying to get stove, sofa, hot tub paid for as medical expenses

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DENVER (KDVR) — A Denver Fire Department lieutenant who fell through a floor and broke his hip while fighting a house fire in 2016 has recently been demoted.

In an April disciplinary action letter from the Denver Department of Public Safety, Lt. Demetrius Granado tried to pass off purchases of a hot tub, stove, specialty mattress and seven-piece leather sofa as a medical expense. 

Granado was injured while fighting a house fire in January 2016 and had to have his right hip replaced. 

After his injury, Granado filed worker’s compensation claims in excess of $17,600 in home improvement and furniture expenses. He claimed all of the expenses were directly related to his medical recovery. 

According to the disciplinary letter, Granado demonstrated a serious lack of ethics, character and judgement and his behavior was unreasonable, deceitful and dishonest. 

Granado was recommended for termination but it was held in “abeyance” for two years, meaning if he gets in trouble again, he can be automatically fired.

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