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DENVER — Dozens of cats and dogs are sleeping at the Dumb Friends League Wednesday night. They are getting another chance at a good home.

The trouble started shortly after Paws for Life took over the Pueblo Community Animal Shelter at the beginning of the year. But in a matter of months, a state investigation shows not only were animals dying, the situation wasn’t improving. City and county leaders cite a lack of proper veterinarian care, poor cleaning and maintenance, and 14 animals dying just within a two-month span.

After weeks of intense scrutiny, the animals are now being released to area shelters.

“It’s unacceptable. Animals should not be in that kind of condition,” said Maia Brusseau with the Dumb Friends League.

There are still more pets at the Pueblo shelter as of Wednesday night. Brusseau says the Dumb Friends League hopes the Denver community will  step up to make room for them. The group is running an adoption special on some of the adult pets who were already at their shelter.

“We are hoping people can come in and adopt some of these animals and help us with this urgent need,” she said.

Wednesday night, Foothills Animal Shelter in Golden also announced they are stepping in to help. Pets from Pueblo will be arriving Thursday. The shelter says the pets will receive routine medical and behavioral evaluations as well as vaccinations and care.

Meanwhile, Paws for Life released a statement on Wednesday after announcing they relinquished their license. The shelter is no longer accepting pets. The statement says in part:

“Our hearts are heavy, but the right decisions must be made for the welfare of the animals in our community.  The board of directors and employees of CASP will assist all agencies during this transition.”

For more information on the Dumb Friends League adoption event can be found on its website.