DENVER (KDVR) — As the Pinpoint Weather team prepares for this week’s incoming snowstorm, there are some side streets in Denver with ice still left over from the last big snow from the previous month. 

So, what’s the city doing differently this time around?

One of the big reasons we’re still seeing ice on some residential roads was that snow plows never made a pass on those streets. That’s because city officials were expecting less snow beforehand.

But even if that weren’t the case, the plows that are used on those side roads don’t have the deicer like the ones on the main roads.

Unlike the last snowstorm, officials with the Denver Department of Transportation and Infrastructure said on Twitter they’re preparing for this week’s snow by deploying its big plows to the main streets and small plows to the residential streets starting Tuesday and into Wednesday. 

Here’s what the city also told FOX31 Monday night as residents prepare for this incoming storm: 

  • They’ll take a single pass down the center of each side street over the course of a 12-hour shift
  • They’ll take the top few inches of snow off the street
  • They do not bring streets to bare pavement when they make these passes
  • The residential plows do not carry deicer

“This time around, we’re looking at a forecast of 6 inches to 11 inches,” said Nancy Kuhn, director of the City and County of Denver’s Department of Transportation and Infrastructure.

“The residential plow drivers will be on duty at the start of the storm and hopefully can make a difference, helping create a path to the main streets and preventing deep ice ruts from forming.”

Kuhn also talked about the deicer called Iceslicer that is used by the city. 

“The use of dry deicing material contributes to airborne fine particulate matter ‘PM-10’ and the brown cloud,” she said.

Keep updated on snow timing and totals on FOX31’s weather page.