DENVER (KDVR) — In Roxy Riely’s Denver backyard, various puppies come and go, biding their time while waiting to be adopted. 

The foster parent is an adoption counselor for A Friend of Jack, a nonprofit known for rescuing dogs from kill shelters across the nation.

“We have people that drive them in from Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma, wherever it is,” she said. “I’d say the majority of the strays are right off the euthanasia list.”

The 40 dogs in their care could be their last.

Founder Allie Bradshaw said a surge in expensive medical bills and a decrease in donations has left them with just $56 in their bank account. She said they’ll have to close at the end of the month if they can’t get more donations.

“It just means there are that many more dogs that are on the streets, in shelters, that just aren’t going to be helped,” Riely said. 

If you’d like to help, you can donate through Venmo to @afriendofjack, or donate on their website.

Since 2020, they’ve helped rescue and adopt roughly 1,500 dogs.