DENVER (KDVR) — A Denver cyclist is holding out hope after her bike was stolen a week ago, but this wasn’t just any bike.

Rebecca Tolputt and her bike, Colonel Mustard, have traveled the world for the past seven years. Tolputt said the name comes from the character from the board game “Clue.”

Rebecca Tolputt and Colonel Mustard have cycled across four different continents. (Courtesy: Rebecca Tolputt)

“Everybody who’s ever met me knows about Colonel Mustard or met me on Colonel Mustard,” Tolputt said. “It’s been like my right hand for seven years.”

Tolputt and Colonel Mustard have cycled across four continents and 35 countries making memories and raising thousands of dollars for charities along the way.

“Traveling by bike is just such a wonderful way to travel,” Tolputt said. “You get to actually see a country so differently than if you were in a car or bus. You meet so many people and so many people just want to be a part of your adventure.”

On Jan. 26, Tolputt said her bike was stolen from the bike rack at the corner of 17th and Williams in downtown Denver.

Tolputt said she filed a police report but so far has had no luck.

“It’s very very special to me. It’s not really worth anything to anybody else, but it’s seven years of traveling memories for me,” Tolputt said.

She said it’s a bright yellow Genesis Croix de fer with an extra small frame, a brown woman’s brooks saddle with a blue headset, a pink chris king sticker on the top tube and a large front rack.

Tolputt said the bike is built specifically for her. (Courtesy: Rebecca Tolputt)

“It was the first bike I ever built up myself,” Tolputt said. “So, it was the first one I got a frame and I put everything on so I’m quite attached to this bike.”

Data from Denver Police shows bike thefts slowly going down, but according to the recovery numbers, the chances of Tolputt getting her bike back are unlikely.

“I hope that someone will spot it. I hope that I will spot it,” Tolputt said. “I hope that someone has just left it somewhere where someone can find it because it’s not really worth anything. It’s just worth a lot to me.”

If you’ve seen Colonel Mustard, please reach out to Denver Police or Tolputt at