DENVER (KDVR) — Another crash on 13th Avenue has residents fed up and wanting more to be done by Denver.

The Problem Solvers, along with Denver residents and their city council representative, have been pressing the city about their plans to slow drivers in the area.

FOX31 first reported this story back in September 2021 and has followed it since. The city’s Department of Transportation and Infrastructure has implemented measures to slow drivers, but residents say they’re not working.

‘Nice little streets are now highways’

Last Friday, another crash happened on 13th Avenue at Ivanhoe Street. A driver crashed through a fence, leaving behind significant damage.

Ellen Becker lives down the street and came out to the crash.

“It was 8:30 on Friday morning and I heard a huge thud, and I came outside to see there was a Mazda in the yard, the fence was down, the traffic sign was down,” Becker said.

Eric Haglund surveys the damage at his 13th Avenue home after a driver crashed into it on July 21, 2022. (KDVR)

FOX31 has done numerous stories regarding crashes along 13th and 14th avenues. Last year, when FOX31 interviewed one of the residents nearby, a crash barely missed the news crew.

Another resident along 13th Avenue, Gary Youngblood, doesn’t walk his dog along 13th or 14th because he doesn’t feel safe.

“What I mainly want is for people to just slow down. Denver’s growing, and we have to grow. What used to be nice little streets are now highways,” he said.

What is Denver doing about dangerous intersections?

DOTI has implemented some traffic calming measures at 21 intersections along 13th and 14th. where they added paint and posts to shorten pedestrian crossing distances. There has also been signage added, but residents feel these measures haven’t helped.

“I would love to call on the city to put our heads together to figure out something else, because these systems aren’t working,” Becker said. “It’s not just fender benders. Now, we’re driving through homes.”

FOX31 reached out to DOTI. A spokesperson said the department anticipates secondary traffic calming measures, including slowing vehicle turn speeds from 13th and 14th onto neighborhood streets. They’re also looking into reclassifying the roads to change the speed limit but say they need to add treatments to support the lower speeds.

DOTI has not identified what those treatments will be or how they will be paid for.