Denver couple continuing search for missing dog, offering reward for her return

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DENVER —  A Denver couple is going to great lengths to find their missing dog, after she escaped from their home more than 3 months ago.

Helen Oh and her husband were married back in August, and say it should have been the happiest day of their lives.

“It was a beautiful day,” Oh recalled.

But she says something was missing.

“It was really hard to just kind of be present. We almost cancelled the wedding,” said Oh.

Their 5-year-old white husky-shepherd mix, Nala, jumped out the bedroom window back in June to chase after something.

Oh and her husband have been searching for her ever since.

“It’s been absolutely life-altering. I’m changed as a person forever, because of this,” she told Fox31.

They have “lost dog” signs sitting outside their home, and around town.

“When people see her sign, I want people to know she’s a valued family member and is very missed at home.”

Especially by her best friend, Zeus.

“We got him a year after we got her, so he doesn’t know life without her,” Oh explained. “He wasn’t eating for the first couple of weeks. He definitely knew something was up,” she said, tearing up.

The couple hired a private investigator, who brought in scent dogs from Nebraska.

“It sounds very extreme. But if you would do it for your kids, that’s exactly where we are in terms of our mindset with hiring her,” said Oh.

The last place the private investigator was able to track to Nala’s scent was at the Platte River, near 11th and Alcott.

That was back around the 4th of July. Since then, there haven’t been any sightings or clues as to where she may be.

But they haven’t given up, thanks in part to a community rallying behind them on facebook…. Even organizing search parties for Nala.

“It has restored so much of my faith and trust in not only my community, but people everywhere. We have had friends share this, and it has just totally snowballed into something way bigger than I would have ever imagined,” Oh said.

She’s still holding out hope that their family will one day be complete again.

“We just have to keep the faith that she’s out there somewhere. We haven’t gotten the bad news that she’s not here with us physically anymore, so we have to just keep trying.”

Oh is offering a $3,000 cash reward for the safe return of Nala, no questions asked.

She says if you see Nala, don’t try and catch her—instead, call her immediately at (720) 210-8657

— Laura Wilson wrote this report

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