DENVER (KDVR) — Cheri and Michael Foss had planned a vacation to Italy in April, but after seeing all that is happening in Ukraine, the Denver couple canceled their trip and went to help Ukrainian refugees instead.

The Fosses volunteered for World Central Kitchen, an organization that has provided millions of meals in the area.

They worked at the border in Medyka, helping refugees who were crossing from Ukraine into Poland.

“Probably 90% of the families that came, the men are left behind to fight, and just a lot of tears, a lot of confusion, and just trying to be there for them emotionally, providing nourishment. We were giving them food as they crossed,” Cheri said.

Now back at their home in Denver, the couple explained that they worked 12 hours a day for a week giving out food and doing anything they could to offer comfort. That included trying to help with children or pets.

“You’d occasionally see a woman coming across who is just in tears, and you’d try to help, but in most cases, you couldn’t. They are scared about what they left behind. They are scared about their future,” Michael said.

The couple also saw messages from other volunteers who were asking for help with evacuations. 

“They’ll say anybody going to Warsaw? I have three women and two children, and this is where I am,” Cheri explained. 

The couple said they are changed by their experience, and inspired by the passion the Ukrainians have for their country. The Fosses are now trying to plan a trip to go back. 

“If you have the capability to do it,  going over and being a part of it, it will change your life,” Michael said.

You can find more information on World Central Kitchen’s website.

Other ways to help Ukrainians

There are several organizations giving aid to fleeing Ukrainians and helping with supplies for the war-torn area. Here are a few:

Ukraine Aid Fund
Charity Navigator
International Rescue Committee
Airbnb helps Ukrainian refugees
Project C.U.R.E.