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DENVER — A Denver city councilwoman no longer has plans to hire her live-in girlfriend as a paid staff member.

Candi CdeBaca’s office issued a press release Monday, indicating that she hopes to keep her girlfriend working in the office as a volunteer only.

“I am modifying my request seeking permission from the Ethics Board to hire my life partner, despite her many contributions, long hours and sacrifices to get me where I am. Instead, the waiver will simply seek permission to officially allow her to continue volunteering; yes that is a requirement in the rules,” she wrote in a press release.

The FOX31 Problem Solvers first reported that CdeBaca’s chief of staff, Lisa Calderon, had requested special permission from the Denver Board of Ethics last week to hire Kerrie Joy Landell as a community engagement liaison.

The position, according to the city’s pay ranges and job titles document, would have paid at least $51,133 annually.

“I am committed to opening up a dialogue about how appointees function in Denver and whether there needs to be clear parameters for both City Council and the Mayor’s Office. I am open to your feedback about ways we can make the Council hiring process more transparent – which was my intention from the very beginning and which is why I sought a waiver in the first place – and I’m willing to introduce legislation to that end,” she wrote.

CdeBaca’s full statement can be found on her Facebook page.