DENVER (KDVR) — A local civil rights attorney is preparing to file a lawsuit against Denver Police Officer Cody Lane, who is currently facing an internal affairs investigation.  

According to attorney Milo Schwab, Lane pushed his 62-year-old client in front of a Lower Downtown bar in June of 2022. The man, who is a military veteran, ended up hurt, according to Schwab. This isn’t Lane’s first reprimand as a Denver cop, FOX31 has learned.  

It wasn’t too long after midnight when the confrontation happened between the veteran – who was part of a group recording police – and Lane.  

“They film, they call themselves ‘First Amendment Auditors,’” Schwab said. “They also go by other names. But generally, it’s to be out filming in case something happens.”  

Something did happen, as seen in an edited video provided by Schwab. He said that Lane pushed his client shortly after a nearby security guard, who was also an off-duty Denver police officer, asked the man to leave the area for trespassing.  

“Pushing someone over 60 years old onto the cement, onto a fence, into other people, certainly when he doesn’t have the ability to react because he’s holding a large camera, we shouldn’t be treating people like that,” he said.   

Denver officer’s aggressive history

If the name rings a bell, it’s because Lane was at the center of another 2020 internal affairs investigation, according to Schwab.  

The Problem Solvers obtained the police report from that 2020 incident, which states Lane punched a man with a closed fist multiple times and used a Taser on him in the neck, which is against department policy. Lane was suspended for 30 days.  

Schwab believes Lane’s actions and the questionable reports thereafter are a pattern for him, which is why he plans to file a civil rights suit against him next week. 

“What’s really troubling is his fellow officers then cover for him,” Schwab said. “They write that my client flopped to the ground, he seemed to throw himself to the ground, they knew this wasn’t true.”  

Schwab confirmed that, as he understands it, “this is the fourth investigation of him since 2020 and he’s only been on the force since 2018.”

FOX31 asked the city and Denver police to confirm previous incidents. Police will not comment on the specifics of the case but did confirm he started in 2018 and is still with the department.  

Meanwhile, the 62-year-old military veteran – who has PTSD – has ended up with some serious injuries from the fall, according to Schwab.